10 things you must know before your parents clock 50

In a world where the average lifespan of humans has reduced drastically, it is important we have a thorough review on this topic.

pexels-photo-800703.jpegMay our parents live long to eat the fruits of their labour, but no mater how hard we try, no one can escape the sting of death, it mustsurely come and before it does arrive, some pertinent knowledge should be known. These are discussed below:

  1. Age: Some parents are fond of keeping this particular information as secret so the children won’t have an idea the distance between both ages. This is particularly unbecoming. Parents are meant to be open particularly on this, what if the children needs to apply for a government job or visa and this is asked?
  1. A list of all their properties: some stingy dads or mums have investments outside the knowledge of the family, this is mostly rampant when spouses no longer trust each other (e.g. a scenario where the man finds his wife to be very demanding, he keeps his investments a secret so she’d buy the idea “As you can see, I nefa kolet salary, where do you want me to see money??”)
  1. Debtors: as weird as this may sound, parents should keep their children aware of every singular individual/Coy owing them money/properties/assets. If you don’t know, many have been poisoned/assasinated when debtors realized they won’t be able to pay up their debts; fully knowing it’s a secret between them and the creditor. Even you imagine, our flesh won’t just help but dish out such sordid thoughts, that’s the power of money!
  1. Will: I don’t have much to say on this, but if you love your kids especially the polygamous fathers, make hay while the sun shines abegyy.

Note: Im not asking you to collect this from your parents ooo, but at least mandate their lawyers to plan it with them.

  1.  Retirement packages: it is but no news that every level in the government strata is corrupt, I have seen old colleagues gang up to share the entitlements of the deceased since the immediate family is fully unaware of such. Ask of the information regarding this immediately!
  1. Medical History: this I will explain with an analogy: If you realize your parent(s) have record of such diseases as diabetes, cancer etc., kindly stop desist from its causative agents ASAP. If your father battled diabetes until age 78 and still counting, yet you gulp down COKE at every birthday parties, you are OYO!!!

NOTE: at least ask of the medical history of theirs and 2 generations before theirs.

  1. A list of all extended family members: actually this sounds funny but true; I actually included this to promote our fading culture. Some family friends today are closer than first cousins. I won’t even go far, right now you know the names of your course mates by heart but you don’t know the first names of your dad’s siblings. Imagine that!
  1. Biography: a true fact no man dares to challenge is that no matter how long our parents live, they must surely leave us some day and when that day comes, I bet you don’t wanna start asking of their biography from extended family members. Personally ask them to write it for you, in their own handwriting.
  1. Family Titles: although this may not be necessary but some are princes today and they don’t even have the slightest idea.
  1. Your Root: Don’t think low of yourself, you may become the president tomorrow; imagine some so called “butty” have never been to the village their ancestors sprouted from. Not to even go that way, you may be stinkingly rich tomorrow and wanna remember your roots by building schools, hospitals, when that time comes, don’t tell me you’d search for that via google!!!
  1. Add yourz!!!

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