6 Illusions In Marriage! Watch Out!

1. I’d get my princess when I’m rich

Don’t ever be lost in this illusion! If she can’t be that princess in trying times, she can’t when your bank account is fat. What kind of a princess is that?, princess of a mining site? If you know, you know! Don’t be a lover boy, your assurance should believe you when you CAN assure her, not when when there is money and there is nothing to assure her of! Assurance only makes sense with a struggling man!

2. His/her religion doesn’t matter:

You are a Muslim and he/she is a Christian or viceversa and you think it doesn’t matter; it’d be clearer during christening when his parents give ur wards religious names, please I don’t want to see your wailing thread here.

3. We can marry and proliferate, the kids will bring what they will eat from heaven:

Really? Do you mean a basket of semo and bag of rice will accompany the placenta; I’m finding it hard to believe.
Don’t be that gullible man/woman, do not drag that innocent child into an average/poor life. You are a failure if all you can offer is something <= to what your parents offered you!
While there is a probability some get more money after birthing(which of course is understandable as you’d want to work harder as a parent), it doesn’t guarantee it will always be so.

4. He/she will change when we are married:

Whatever you don’t cut off before marriage will deepen after marriage! He doesn’t joke with his money as a bachelor but you expect him to be Father Christmas beyond wedlock? She can grub a bag of rice in a week and you expect her to eat less after marriage? Once again, we will abuse you when we see your ‘my husband cannot do without smoking’ thread on here!

5. It’s a small issue, it doesn’t matter if I tell him/her or not:

Any marriage based on lies/deceit is highly legit for divorce. You have aborted once but you think he doesn’t have to know, OR you once had erectile dysfunction but think it’s ok since it’s been treated? Why not be plain? If he/she doesn’t like your past(which is part of you), let him/her leave! There is no such thing as ‘it’s in the past’, you are a product of your past!

6. God sent her to me!

Our God is wonderful, He is! When we worship God, He needs us to understand he gave us the thinking capability to be able to make certain decisions.
But if in a 21st century, you are still spiritually dreaming of how you met her around a well, helping you draw water out of it, then it is finished. You think your dream is all that’s needed but to know his/her genotype, ancestral ailment etc isn’t? Continue, when your kids start cursing you, you’d regret you never woke up from such dreams!

Add yours!

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