7 Reasons To Ask/keep Your Receipts!

Are you the type that throws receipts away before stepping outta Marts? Take a chill on your next visit and read this:

1. In the event of a legal suit:

You bought something expensive and in a space of few days/weeks, it’s already broken. You contacted the sales firm and they are denying you of your benefit even though the item is under warranty. Without the receipt, you may probably lose the legal case as their is no proof of transaction.

2. Police harassment:

To avoid being embarrassed during a stop and search situation in the event you are moving an item probably listed as stolen in a jurisdiction, your receipt will save you and convict officers you are the owner!

3. Historical purposes:

wouldn’t it be nice showing your wards the price of a 60’ 4K flat Samsung TV 50 years from now?

4. Accountability:

To keep track of your spendings: some, have very important things going on in their mind than to store expenses up their memories. Make sure you collect receipt for all expenses and sum them up at the end of the month; this keeps excesses in check. It is also a good practice for business owners!

5: To check tax evasion:

many business owners are doing the government more harm than good by trying to evade tax. On your receipt should reflect total amount you paid alongside tax remitted!

6. To check thieving salesmen/women:

It is not uncommon how sales boys and girls unnecessarily round up figures to unsuspecting customers. Before you buy any product, check the price tag; and when done, compare as against the figures on the receipt.

7. Promotions:

Who knows, the sales firm might decide to reward loyal customers, your only evidence is the receipts. Who doesn’t want awoof?!

Add yours!

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