Google’s WiFi delivery: a symbiotic relationship

Google’s WiFi delivery: a symbiotic relationship

A symbiotic relationship is that in which both parties of the association contributes and benefits; this is in the case of the tech giant and Nigerians.

What google has to offer/what we gain

1. The latest tech gist in town is having to

hang around in the public, connect your WiFi

and start surfing the net; all thanks to the tech giant-Google. I’m pretty sure our network providers won’t be too happy because the


ct of ripping us apart with their enormous tariffs has indeed expired!
2. This is good news for all bloggers and Vloggers on YouTube, your fan base just got a boom! Fans who can hardly spend 5 hours on your blog can now spend a whole day on your blog as long as you have good contents. This definitely increases your revenue in the long run!

What we have to offer/what Google gains

The hidden fact which comes to mind when you have free access to internet you ain’t paying for is you’d want to
1. stream the latest/trending videos on YouTube, blogs,
2. Surf various google oriented blogs for news and information
While you do this, the viewing base I.e the number of people viewing google ads et al increases; this in-turn increases Google’s revenues from advertising companies.

This is a good and welcome development from Google; nevertheless a win-win situation for we end users and the former. Unfortunately, this is a bad business for the network providers!

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