Trending Social Media acronyms every user should know

As against lol, lmao and the likes, social media is evolving with newly formed acronyms, the most popular are explained below:

MCM: Man Crush Monday

This is especially used by ladies to refer to the man with the most attractive features on their list, or perhaps celebrity or BF IRL (don’t worry, I’d tell you what this means below.

WCW: Woman Crush Wednesday

This is the alternate meaning of MCM, it’s just that it’s used on Wednesdays as against MCM used on Mondays.

TBH: To Be Honest

This is basically used to convince whomever you are conversing with. Like:

TBH, you are my WCW.

TBT: Throw-Back Thursdays

This is used on thursdays to dish out old memories most especially in pictures.

TT: Transformation Tuesday

This is an acronym for Tuesdays, to showcase workout goals, new haircut, whichever kind of transformation that comes to mind.

FBF: Flash-Back Friday

This is somewhat similar to TBT

LB: Like Back

This is mostly seen on pages of celebrities and it means to like back whatever they might have posted to their fans.

HMU: Hit Me Up

Literally means call/text me.

TIL: Today I Learned

IRL: In Real Life

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