7 KNOW-HOWs expected of every man

1. Drive a car:

It beats my imagination how a man with pregnant wife and little children will find it easy to live amidst a world of chaos without knowing how to drive. What if she is in labour in the middle of the night and the only available car is your Neighbour’s car whose driver ain’t around?

Or probs you amidst a kidnapping situation and a car is available to ease your escape, that means you just shot yourself in the leg.

It doesn’t matter if you have a car or not, get out and go find someplace to learn. Any driving school owner in the house?

2. First aid:

We have abused the meaning of first aid. The mention of that in most mind means a small box with tools but NO! You should know how to help out someone choking on food. Also how to take good care of a bleeding colleague or a friend bitten by snake.

You should know accurate but soft fists to the upper diaphragm of a choking individual…scroll below for more details. Be the first aid box, it shouldn’t always be a box. A lot have died due to ignorance of people around!

3. Swimming:

You wish to be a combatant soldier, you apply to army, Navy, and Airforce year in and out by you don’t know how to swim. Seriously? You like boat rides but you don’t think the knowledge of swimming is important. It is my pleasure to let you in on the fact that a particular percentage of people drown even with floating tubes every year. Be warned! Don’t be a statistics!

4. Ride a bicycle:

This may not be actually important but it will save you someday when your car won’t start and you have to get to a nearby destination pretty quick, it is always faster than that footwagen of yours.

And no, it’s not only for farmers and wretched people! Professors in the US drive bicycles around the school. Contribute to your personal fitness and also reduce global warming, stop carrying your car to the toilet to pupu!

5. Basic mechanical knowledge of a car:

This is very important especially for drivers and travelers. It doesn’t matter if you are the one driving the car or not. I remembered someday I was traveling to Abuja but our car broke down unfortunately along the road of a village notorious for robbery acts. Our savior was in the form of a man who has spent quality time with basics need of his very own car. The following week I dismantled my old man’s car…..hehehehe

6. Basic electrical knowledge:

We all know how unstable power supply in Nigeria can be where just one phase will be available out of the usual 3, now do you have to call an electrician every time you need to change phase in your home (not on the pole)? Do you even know what fuse means? In some homes, the man is so lazy in that respect such that it’s the wife who switches fuse between regular power and generator. Don’t be surprised, some men don’t know what fuse looks like.

How about the fact that the general power supplied to your home is AC? That the fuse cut sometimes and may be the reason why every home is lit and yours ain’t? Can you also change your broken bulb or wait for Baba Suliya the electrician to come fix it as usual. Step up your game man!

7. Barbing skills:

This is not as important as others but trust me it will save you a lot of stress. Some men can’t even shave themselves. It’s an interesting fact to have to sit your son down and give him a good low cut or Obama cut. You don’t have to be an expert, just know the basics and you’ll be good to go.

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