Top 7 life hacks you’d need as an adult!

1. Take everything, decide what to use:

This includes the physical and the abstract values of our world. Your parents told you never to eat from no one as a kid but you are over 25 and you still don’t dine with your friends? You should listen to all advice but also choose the one to follow. Blood is not always thicker than water, build your relationship with your friends. Often times than not, your success/breakthrough will come from friends rather than your uncle/auntie!

Whatever values your parents gave you was to protect you as a child, as an adult you need to rethink and redesign those values to suit the kind of person you want to be. The tough job is choosing the right friend, trust me, a Muslim friend may be the reason your Christian life will be wealthy/successful in life and viceversa.

2. Smile with every one, trust no one

People are naturally attracted to happy people; smiling makes you appear so even if you ain’t. It’s an art very hard to master. People tend to be free with happy people and want to go the extra mile; your smile is a weapon that breaks people’s guard, it will help you a lot.

Trust me a lot of people are unhappy!

3. Whatever legit way makes you successful in life, you owe no one any apology.

It doesn’t matter the people who got disgruntled in your quest for success neither does it matter if they got hurt in the process, your success should be their happiness but if they still hold grudges against you, you owe no one no apology. If you don’t make it in life, they’d be the one to point the fingers first. Do your thing and be successful, you are accountable to your very own life alone.

4. Your life is not on a queue, if it’s right, do it!

You are her immediate younger brother but it doesn’t seem right to get married since she is still single, wth? Nigerian mentality will do nothing but mess up the trend of things in your life. Your life is not in sync with no one’s! You don’t have to wait for anyone; so far it’s right and the timing is perfect, do your thing!

5. Whatever you lose chasing success belongs to the garbage indeed:

Life is all about understanding; but some people are born to misunderstand. Don’t be disheartened, it will be fine!

In same vein, the bachelors you lost while building your business was never meant for you. Linda Ikeji is a Dr. and a successful one at that, and I can only imagine how many more honorary degrees she’d receive even though she had never registered for a PhD. At the end it is about the ‘end’ and not the means (must be legit though).

6. If she can’t put up with your lows, she ain’t worth your highs

Don’t be that guy having attained wealth, starts looking for ‘classy’ ladies to marry. She gets angry when you fart in her presence and complains bitterly when you throw your shoes everywhere. Logically, she should also complain whenever she sees a credit alert from you. Don’t be a wise idiot, be humble! Wealth may mean classy house, car, food and all that, NEVER should it mean a CLASSY WIFE.

7. What is good for the goose is NOT always good for the gander

Your friend is pumping in steroids and building muscles; it looks good and you wanna try right? Oh that guy looks good on tattoos and ear piercings; always remember, while his long term life goals is to be a successful body trainer, how would you a potential managing director look when your ears has a hole already?

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