5 types of friends you should keep a distance from

1. I leave everything to God crew:

This is the worst of them all! What exactly are you leaving for God? I don’t remember him being your personal assistant you’d leave all undone jobs for.

This attitude can only mean one thing: ACCEPTING DEFEAT! Ayefele didn’t leave construction work to God when he was raising that structure, telling us he leaves everything to God now churns my stomach so bad.

Stand up and do the needful; lest people slap you from the right waiting for the left!

2. It happened for a purpose crew:

This is an excuse for the incapable/lazy people. You missed a huge interview by some minutes and you are here laughing it happened for a reason? Should we take that as some sort of consolation for you?

You are the architect of everything that happens; man up, take responsibility and learn never to be bitten twice!

3. I cannot kill myself crew:

These are the extremely lazy folks. You cannot kill yourself bawo? Haven’t you heard?

‘Get rich or die trying’

Yes it is as bad as that! Ok it’s actually not about the riches but being a successful man/woman is your essence. Be good at what you do and give everything a good fight. Don’t give up on life, let life give up on you!

4. Gods time is the best crew:

These people are the extremist who want things to fall in place spontaneously in a disturbed world. The God’s time you are waiting for will never come and in the event it does, you are off your prime!

5. Marry! More money will come your way crew:

Ok, logically, a man of 5 wives will also have more money than a man with 2. If this is the advice your friend can offer you, kindly create the distance, it is not pride. If you don’t, before you say jack, he has drawn you into his mediocre perspective about life!

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