5 reasons to wash your hand before eating

We are gonna be discussing solid reasons to wash our hands before handling our food. No we are not germophobes, but it is only reasonable to wash our hands to avoid food poisoning stories that touch. Most often than not, we lie against food vendors saying we had been food-poisoned following our visitation, but it is not always their fault.

1. Hand railings:

All thanks to reflex, we tend to want to control our move up or down the stairs and hence, we hold tight to hand railings accompanying such stairs. Don’t get it twisted, I ain’t judging you, I also do it but once I realize that, I get my hands washed at the next available opportunity.

2. Car seats:

Our buttock cracks is a home to loads of intestinal and faecal bacteria, should we also add sweats from the buttock cracks or the extremely dirty cracks of some unhygienic individuals. Cab drivers will never send a potential customer out because he/she is dirty, the job to protect yourself lies only in your hands.

Don’t forget the secretions that often leak out of some orifices. It is not always necessary to rest your hands on the seats!

3. Hand shakes:

Shaking hands is inevitable if you are a social person or work in a public place, however, be bold enough to shake, be wise enough to wash before eating!

Some individuals are not shy of visiting their privates with their hands without caring if someone watches or not, how about their buttock cracks too? Picking of their nostrils is a common act too, don’t be too lazy to wash!

4. Public doors:

This includes car doors, bank doors and any public door you can imagine. An average hand is a home to hundreds/thousands of bacteria; each time a hand grabs that handle, he/she deposits microbes and picks up some, now multiply that with hundreds/thousands of individuals holding same in a day. Washing your hands is never an option!

5. Bills/Notes:

Some aprons (igbanu) is dirtier than a mad man’s underwear. Clients of fish and locust beans vendors can relate. Sad enough, those bills you hold daily also pass through these dirty aprons.

These bills are also held by the mentally unstable people and they carry out transactions too; if you know, you know!

The worst thing that can happen to an individual is sticking a bill in your mouth!

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