7 observable ironies of life

1. Short statured guys and their love for BBW:

Maybe, just maybe it’s a curse but all my short-statured friends will never date someone their size, not even for a day. Their love for sizes that will shorten their lifespan is forever their desire. Kilode?!

2. Extremely religious Alfas and their extreme intelligence in western education:

I am a social person, to me, I am first a human being before religious comes into play, hence I don’t choose my friends based on religious differences. However, most often times than not, the Alfas I have known as friends or as strangers, well versed in Quranic virtues are brilliant in matters of the western education. They lead in mathematics, physics, biology et al way back in high school and even those tough courses in tertiary institutions. Maybe it’s just me, maybe but I don’t wanna believe so!

3. Plus sized individuals and sonorous voices:

Ron kenoly is a very good example! How about Jill Scott? Mo’Nique?

All my life, my experiences, I can say

‘All plus-sized are good singers, but not all good singers are plus-sized

4. Clergymen’s kids and all forms of vices:

Not referring to any religion in particular, you must have had your fair share! Sons and daughters of religious clergies are often rebellious!

5. Physical impairment and extreme intelligence:

A physically impaired individual has high chances of identifying a colleague/Neighbour from afar than an able individual. Research has it they make use of their sense of smell, touch etc to make up for the singular impairment.

6. Slim individuals and love for huge meals:

Some slim individuals can finish a meal meant for 4 people; don’t underestimate them. No matter what they eat, how huge it is, they will never get fat. They can grub your food budget meant for a month in a week. No they ain’t wicked, that’s their nature!

7. Professor’s kids and their love for music/art/football:

This is the worst nightmares of known emeritus and professors, like it’s a way to punish them. You would see the daughter of a medical professor saying ‘dad, I want to be a musician’ and the dad will be like ‘is your head paining you’?


This shoutout is to all academics out there, music, art and football isn’t a part of our world to be seen as negligible, it is as vital as medicine, law and every other meaningful career path. Let your children follow their hearts!

Add yours in the comment below:

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