Before you wear that dirty/torn underwear

1. What if you faint?

Auntie, I do hope you have seen someone faint before, especially on a miniskirt. All your asset will be on display and no one will even care.

Oh, we will care after you’ve been resuscitated and we’ll be like fine girl like you, ‘na so so yanmayanma underwear dey rush you’.

2. In the case of an accident:

Bro, your banging suit will be ripped open by road safety officials or by doctors with the help of a scissors. Don’t nauseate the medical team with the sight of your dirty underwear.

3. What if he/she surprises you:

Ladies, that to-match bra and panties shouldn’t be limited to dinner/dates when you are definitely expecting a royal rumble, we guys love surprises! Don’t exterminate our surprises on reaching that juncture! We don’t want to see holes big enough to accommodate a cucumber OR have the feeling you are wearing ripped panties (at least not yet in vogue).

4. What if you are careless:

The arm of some bra/singlet is enough to send shivers down your spine. Some in their mind think they are hiding it but when they are lost in conversations, you know the rest!

5. In an emergency:

After a heavy downpour, a random driver splashes dirty water on your white, starched shirt, a Good Samaritan offered to bleach it up for you but the fear of your dirty singlet won’t allow you, you are on your own bro!


It is only hygienic and logical to wear neat underwear per occasion, this is good for your privates, health as a whole and your overall confidence!

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