Why heartbreaks hurt so much

Okay, I have heard lots of heart touching stories about heartbreaks and imagine what comes to mind whenever I spot one? Story – Story!

When are we gonna learn? The status of the mind meant for marriage and marriage alone has been fast forwarded and imbibed during dating and relationships (even the casual and platonic ones). Until you have ringed that man/lady, you have no emotional obligation to completely put your trust in the opposite sex.

Let’s look at some points below:

1. Dating is a PSEDOstatus:

I laugh myself off whenever I see profiles indicating ‘dating’; I think it’s the silliest of things in the world of relationships. Oh, it is so sweet and you think the next thing is to ward off other potential spouse(s). If you are engaged, you are safe but if dating, there are 2 things still involved.

Again, dating is but a pseudoSTATUS!

2. Chasing off all opposite sex:

Unless you possess the power to see the future, it is safe to be termed ‘gullible’ if you chase out all opposite sex in your life thinking you have already arrived. Man, I repeat Man is the most unstable element in chemistry (Chemists please permit). The mouth saying ‘you are the best’ today will say ‘you are boring’ tomorrow.

Besides, for instance, as a man, your girlfriend needs to see you around ladies, see them flirt with you. It is a fact to her that her man is still wanted by other ladies and makes her love for you grow the more. Girls flirting with you ain’t a sin, it however is when you flirt back!

3. It’s just a land search

The concept of dating I can term ‘land search’ as have we someone about to build a house. Isn’t it funny testing lands and for each land you test, you erect foundation, layers of blocks etal; a problem comes up with the land, then you realize whatever structure you built is immovable.

This point is why many men wail ‘after all I have spent my life savings on her’; the question is ‘who sent you baba?’

4. Broadcast to F&F

I consider it childish to broadcast your status, the personality of your bf/gf days/weeks after initiation family&friends. She probably just said yes and your Dad, Mum, Siblings, cousins, distant cousins and circle of friends already know about her. Hahahaha, you already told them how beautiful she is and how you can’t wait to take her up the aisle.

Please, don’t dull the broadcast when she breaks your heart, let the kinetic energy be the same, rush and tell everyone how bad she messed up your heart so you can learn that little lesson the hard way!

5. You are a terrible lover:

Some relationships are like covenants and some partners can be a whole heck of job. Their emotional needs is not from this sphere, little wonder they get suicidal beyond heartbreaks.

Calm down, constantly asking him his whereabouts can’t and will never stop him from cheating on you, of a truth, it will only render you more weak in his eyes hence sending him out the more for a stronger heart mate. The law of segregation will always take its hold, remember!

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