Color and it’s physiology

Understanding the dynamics and facts embedded in the meaning of each color may help us with our choices as we sojourn through life’s journey. Before you choose your baby’s clothes, theme color for your startup company or probably theme color for your wedding, take your time to understand these. Funny not however expedient is the … Continue reading Color and it’s physiology

PDP on Police Attack: ‘Nobody can cow us’

October 5, 2018 Press Statement Police Attack: Nobody Can Cow Us -PDP....Says It Is Coasting to Victory, No Matter the Attacks The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) condemns as dastardly, unwarranted and unprovoked, today's unleashing of violence on our leaders, including the Senate President and state governors, by the Police. The PDP however vows that no … Continue reading PDP on Police Attack: ‘Nobody can cow us’

5 types of extremist you should desist from!

1. Love-Peddlers: As for me, it’s not my issue if you love with your heart leaving your brains out, when your heart gets ripped off, wahala ti e niyen. However, love peddlers have a way of dragging their friends into same shoes as theirs. If you are a friend to a guy that washes panties … Continue reading 5 types of extremist you should desist from!