5 types of extremist you should desist from!

1. Love-Peddlers:

As for me, it’s not my issue if you love with your heart leaving your brains out, when your heart gets ripped off, wahala ti e niyen.

However, love peddlers have a way of dragging their friends into same shoes as theirs. If you are a friend to a guy that washes panties for his gf, then the ‘gf’ is gonna think you share same values; in the same vein if you are a lady with a friend that loves being beaten black and blue, you’d better cut all ties!

They don’t advice these set of people, they’d rather see you as a threat!

2. Too KNOWs:

These set of people are in every areas of our lives; classroom, work place, church, social gatherings and even online! They talk too much and get in trouble. They talk too much that they forget things they say.

Once a man talks at a rate too high that he can’t remember everything he says, then there is fire on the mountain!

These category of people take other people’s opinion as poo, they front too much and never learn a thing! They don’t believe in team work and even if they pretend to, it’s only a matter of time! Whatever you have to say doesn’t mean a thing to them, although they’d never mention it to your face. They don’t believe in people’s dreams and will never support yours. A lion share of them are staunch narcissists. Until you have made it in life, sentence all omniscience friends to where they belong!

3. Workaholics:

If any friend tells you he is busy to hangout with you once in a bluemoon, garbage him/her where she belongs. Work can be likened to sticks of cigarette, it’s nicotine gets you addicted!

Don’t argue with workaholics, if they are lucky enough, they’d see lonely old people around without friends; how they lock themselves up in the corner of their rooms. They forgot job will get them retired, even their kids, sons and daughter-in-laws will leave them, it takes a long childhood friend to roll with your shyte until old age. Never underestimate a true friend, no friend is perfect, settle things when they go wrong and you’d be ok.

4. Chimneys and Breweries:

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with downing a limited amount of spirit/beer or puffing as long as it’s done responsibly! It gets out of hand immediately a friend drinks or puffs him/herself to stupor! If that friend can’t control his/her urge for these, shift lest he/she drags you into his/her snottiness!

5. Game addicts:

Time is money! Playing game once in a while is absolutely acceptable, in the least, to unwind. A friend dedicating more than 2 hours of his/her life to gaming means nothing but one thing – NFA! If all a friend can offer you is a ticket to battle on PS4 for 10 hours non-stop, my friend, possibility is high you might all end up in penury!

Add yours in the comments below!

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