Color and it’s physiology

Understanding the dynamics and facts embedded in the meaning of each color may help us with our choices as we sojourn through life’s journey. Before you choose your baby’s clothes, theme color for your startup company or probably theme color for your wedding, take your time to understand these.

Funny not however expedient is the fact that colors are needed in our day to day activities. It is the reason we choose bright colored dresses on a sunny day, and dull colored ones on regular days.

What each color may signify


Abundance, means the land is fertile and there is more than enough. It may also mean health, fitness and ones’ prime time.

This is youthfulness personified, it is the dawn of a new era, this is growth. Everything works well and the battery level is full (not literally).

It also decodes safety in some contexts.

Application: this is a good theme color for food company logos as green is the symbol of agriculture. Although theme colors for restaurants should be bright warm colors, notwithstanding, what comes to mind on sight of green is vegetables!


It symbolizes peace, calmness and most importantly fidelity! It may also mean plainness even originality.


What comes to mind on sight of this is DANGER! It may also mean violence, war and bloodshed. Red in other context may mean ‘be watchful’.

Yellow/Orange: this is usually the midpoint between safety and danger. Orange is a warm colour and it literally warms you up ahead of a looming danger. It doesn’t mean the danger is here, it means comfort is over and uncertainty looms. It resonates between green and red!

Yellow in some cases can be identified with the end of youthfulness and also the beginning of the end of a sojourn. It announces the beginnings of every end!

Application: it is most suitable as good company theme color as it is a bright warm colour, it is eye catchy!

Blue: this is the symbol of masculinity. Masculinity and it’s possible paraphernalia comes in this skin as it is the colour MOST embraced by the male gender.

In other words, it may also mean openness, a charged state of mind indeed ready to mingle and socialize.

Application: wonder why most SM apps logo carry varying shades of blue?

Black: may mean the gloomy state of existence, sadness and importantly darkness. It may also mean solidity, strength and firmness.

Application: black dresses are your worst nightmares on very sunny days as they absorb almost the solar heat radiated by the sun to further scorch your tender body! Stop torturing yourself with black colored wears and it’s cohorts.

Mourning periods also means the season of black dresses and spectacles.


Whenever you see someone wearing rainbow colored dresses, or hand bands and probably accessories, it most certainly means identity with the LGBTQ community. If you are straight, it doesn’t mean you should run or discriminate when you see someone with this, it means they are not too shy of their sexuality!

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