7 things to consider before renting an apartment

1. Current state of things:

You may find it interesting to realize some residences already owe electricity bill as much as 100,000, and no!, the landlord/lady will never keep you abreast of this. In worst cases, some residences are placed and charged on commercial rates and you won’t have an idea until your first monthly electricity bill assumes 15,000. Do not wait until this time.

2. Proximity to bus stops: your work starts 7:00am in the morning but how early should you wake up? 2 hours before because you have to walk 45 minutes to reach your bus-stop?

3. Network of roads:

for the mobile citizens, do not endanger the life of your car out of desperation. Before you pay that rent, find out if the condition of the road is a threat to your Car’s engine or not. This will definitely save you a lot from hungry roadside mechanical technicians.

4. Access to portable water:

if you are an average citizen and will probably depend on Government’s pipe borne water for survival, I think taking your time to find out if the pipes leading to your potential abode ain’t already destroyed by end-time road construction workers aint a bad idea after all.

5. Persistent disasters: some areas are really attractive to armed robbers probably because of the success they’ve had in previous engagements in that particular area; while some area’s problem is flood, probably a water body/way is in close proximity. You don’t wanna be a victim, trust me!

6. Proximity to hospitals:

Could be a wife in Labour, a child in an emergency situation or even you, but in emergency really, why should you travel 1 hour before you could make use of a medical help?

7. Proximity to market:

Fetching raw foods and groceries can be energy intensive especially when it involves buying huge tubers of yam and bags of rice and beans this festive season. If you have a car no problem, but if you don’t, pity your wife!

Blessings as you prepare for Christmas and New Year!

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