5 Tips to managing your Christmas festivities!

1. Fix a budget:

This is the first step if you don’t want to start the new year with a deficit. This is what is gonna guide you through your expenses and engagements. It’s gonna limit your excesses and discipline your spending culture. The joy of Christmas and New year celebrations can be overwhelming, fix your budget now before you realize your account is on red!

2. Fix a day to host:

One thing we should know is while the general Christmas celebration is slated for 25th, it does not necessarily mean you must wine and dine with family and friends on same. You may choose anytime between the 25th December and 3rd of January. It’s a week long festivity, while actual dates will definitely be rough and super busy, choose a day to invite and share your gifts.

3. Select a theme and design:

It’s the right time to start designing your home. Jingles and adverts are already in the air and on social media. Spice it up by choosing the right color for the design of your rooms. If your room has shown just a design for the past 5 years, do well to throw things around and rearrange it. Let visitors feel the vibe, remember it comes but once in a year.

4. Buy your ‘buyables’ now:

The mistakes a lot of us make is the fact that the best time to shop for festivities is few days to D-day. This isn’t wrong in the actual sense, but all shades of wrong considering the financial implications. What would sell for 5,000NGN right now will sell for probably 7,000NGN in a month’s time. This is the best time to hit the market to buy your Christmas tree, decors, lights, even food (the non-perishable ones).

A quick hint on how to manage the perishable food items like tomatoes and its paraphernalia is finding a close and trustworthy market woman, pay in advance for whatever value you’d wish during Christmas and the New Year. At the end of the day, it wouldn’t matter if NLC strike makes food items costlier, you already made your deal!

5. Choose an outdoor event:

A family man should probably register at a resort center to ease off the year long stress with his family and Children. If your schedule is too tight to avail few days to spend in resort centers, choose a day to visit the cinema with your family. Remember, it comes but once in a year!

Be safe as we anticipate the Christmas and New year! Blessings!

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