How to nurture your dreams

1. Do you have a dream?

I’m not talking about how you want to finish higher education and grab a job of your ‘dreams’ with shell. The only kinda dream job such people grab is the Npower. Never get it twisted, education is no longer the best legacy, not at least in Nigeria.

Back to the business, I’m talking about a business idea, a plan for higher education abroad etc. Everything starts with a dream, a legit dream. Don’t finish tertiary institution and start dashing your CV to Ekpa vendors! End the rat race today!

2. Work out a plan/algorithm:

Don’t be that brilliant man who had the dreams of becoming a chattered accountant, but took him 10 years to move through all the stages. You blame Buhari for mismanaging the nation but you can barely manage yourself! You are a whole generation, whatever dream you have in mind, map it out and have a plan. Stick it up the ceiling above your bed, let it be the last thing you see at night, the first thing you wake up to.

3. Be tough:

The way to success is just as rough as your daily living. You know the usual way you fly up and will never allow no one to take you for a ride even when you ain’t good at throwing punches, that’s how dreams should be followed. Don’t be a Lion with a big mouth physically yet a timid mouse when chasing dreams. Be fierce!

4. Do it again:

Not everything will come through in the very first trial. When you have this in mind, you become resilient. When you miss at the first trial, try again, but HARDER! That will make all the difference.

5. Have no family, religion nor ethnicity:

The greatest mistake a man can make is

a. Looking for help/breakthrough from his family

b. Looking forward to brothers/sisters in the Church or Mosque as the case may be

c. Believing other race are useless.

A struggling man should belong to every religion. Don’t build a company and name it Zechariah & Sons, neither should you build a school and name it Zumuratul model school. Leave such names for the government because if you don’t, you are indirectly saying ‘I only want profit from people of the same religion as mine’. Be wise!

Also, struggling man has no family or friends. You think you have? Wait until you are made, even those who never felt your existence will ask why you deserted them.

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