7 SME misconceptions

1. Religious names enhances business hustle:

Unless you are running a charity or non profit business, Isrealite group of schools won’t make more profit than a regular school name if you are dubious, lazy or probably don’t make extra efforts in your business.

On the same point, Zumuratul business center may indirectly mean we only want profit from Muslims, Christians can stay away please! And vice versa! Do not limit your profit generation to people of your religion alone. Trust me, some religious extremists will be put off immediately by your business name, what if they are bringing you a big fish job?

2. I can use whatever domain that suits me:

I have seen brain tasking domains, I mean domains I need to write down and study like an exam AOC (area of concentration) in order to have it off hand! I mean how can you use domains like http://www.expediencyinternationalplc….

As if that’s not enough, a business owner who wishes to sell his products to the world using his concentrated tribal name as domain, what is http://www.okechukwubabasanmiharuna……?

Business names and domain names should never in its least reflect your background unless your business spans and is limited to a particular people of your tribe!

3. I can use whichever TLD is available:

Top Level Domain is what follows your domain name, as in .com, .net etc. Always use the very popular ones except all options have been exhausted!

4. Low prices/charges will always bring me more customers:

As a matter of fact, genuine and big fishes will see it as a strategy to patronize a too-good-to-be-true business which is desperately in need of their cash.

5. Entertainment is an option

Customers can be very lazy especially when what they are patronizing you for is tedious and energy sapping. They want their job done with even before they start. Don’t do the mistake of thinking it’s their job and hence have to take it as it is, entertain and always make them feel at home.

Furthermore, little hilarious jokes and gists is a form of entertainment! Whatever issue you have on your mind should be left at home, your clients are the last category of people you want to transfer aggression to.

A little speaker playing songs in vogue, daily newspapers/magazines, a bowl of sweets and kolanut e.t.c. will always remind them of a business owner who cares about them!

6. Small businesses don’t need packaging:

This extends to yourself and not limited to your business. Let’s reason, who wants to sit with a graphic designer whose design may take 2 hours smelling like camphor or sweat? I may have patronized you once, never again!

It costs almost nothing to have a business card. It is not necessary to have a full colored business card, visit a press today and ask for a 1 colored business card (way cheaper). Ask for it’s e-copy. Delete those slaying pics off your social media and stuck your e-copy in there!

7. Advert is for made businesses:

don’t wait till you become a billionaire, it takes few thousands to make radio jingles and fliers!

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