8. underrated yet disturbing toilet habits

There are worse yet underrated dirty habits than defaecating without flushing after using the restrooms.

1. Leaving urine traces on toilet seat:

Are you trying to lubricate the toilet seat for subsequent users? The brownish pattern is indeed irritating and can threaten the health of Co-users of such restroom. The urine is a carrier, the bum sometimes have tiny holes from injuries, do you want to spread toilet diseases?

2. Dropping urine on toilet floors:

The reason you can’t control the current of your urine, we don’t understand. Why would any sane individual carelessly direct his/her urine current from the bowl of the closet onto the floor without cleaning it afterwards. It is very irritating and this is one of the leading causes of stinking restrooms.

3. Splashing water on toilet floors:

I don’t ever want to walk into the restroom after you thinking the water from the floor are drops from that used in cleaning your bum; whatever happened to you for hating on tissue, I don’t want to know but please leave the restroom environment dry!

4. Climbing toilet seats with your dirty foot:

This dirty habit most time stem from boarding schools where tolerance for unhygienic acts is 100%. This act has become part of some very dirty individuals and can’t overcome it.

These set of people will still climb on a sparkling newly installed WC, na curse?

6. Dropping dirty tissues on the floor:

This is very irritating, why would you see the basket and yet dispose off on the floor. The sight is most times gory and nauseating. Used tissues should be thrown in covered waste bins which would be properly disposed off later.

7. Disposing used pads abnormally:

Ladies should be very careful not to clog up the channels conveying waste down the septic. Flushing and forcing used pads down toilet channels is the reason most toilets get clogged up. Another shocking and irritating act is disposing off used pads in open baskets. I see this frequently in public places such as banks, malls and all that. It is very wrong, the public is not interested in seeing whatever is happening with you guys down there, it is only important we fix this anomaly before we get taught a lesson by a sadistic cleaner!

8. Leaving the restroom gassed up:

It is ok and we ain’t discriminating against nature; and yes some shit smell more than septic tanks. When you eat proteinous meals, things as such abound. Having settled this, kindly use deodorants or air fresheners after you. Most public restrooms have it and if it doesn’t, use your very own perfume! (Or don’t you carry it around?). Have mercy on whoever would use the restroom after you!

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